What You Need to Know About Car Paint Correction Service Melbourne


Having to add car paint protection fruita co is a great way to add style and color to your vehicle. The process involves wet sanding and paint protection sealant. If you have never had your car’s paint corrected before, it’s important to know that it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Wet sanding

Using wet sanding to improve the paint on your vehicle is a great way to get an even and glossy finish. However, you need to be careful when doing this process. If you do it wrong, you can damage your paint. The most important thing is to ensure that you are using the right techniques. There are several steps involved and the first is to clean the area you want to sand.

The second is to sand with a light touch. The third is to sand with a fine sandpaper. The last is to polish the area to give it a shine.

Choosing the correct sandpaper is a must. You should use a grit that is at least 2000 or 3000. The coarser the sandpaper, the more likely you are to remove deeper scratches.

When you are done sanding the surface of the vehicle, you will need to rinse it. This step is required before you start the next phase.

Cut & polishing

Whether you are looking to restore the paint on your car or just want to make it look better, polishing is the best way to go. It removes blemishes and scratches. It also removes the old wax layer that has been applied to your vehicle’s paintwork. If you follow the right steps, polishing your vehicle will leave you with a shiny, glossy, and beautiful finish.

Before starting to polish your vehicle, you will need to determine the correct compound for the job. You can find the correct compound by checking out the chart that is included with the polish. Using a polish with a less aggressive abrasive will save you time, and it won’t damage the clear coat.

A paint thickness gauge is a common tool used during the polishing process. This will help you to avoid burning the paint, and will ensure that your car is not removed too thin. You should also test the thickness of your car’s paint using the gauge before, during, and after polishing.

Paint protection sealant

Using a paint protection sealant is a good way to ensure your vehicle’s paint stays fresh looking. They protect your car from UV light and help you wash the exterior more easily. Using a sealant will also prevent dirt and debris from sticking to the paint.

Sealants are created by mixing polymers and solvents in a suspension. The solvents help hold the sealant in place, while the polymers form a bond to the clear coat.

The basic sealants are designed to repel dust and dirt from the paint, while the more advanced sealants offer heavier duty protection against rain. Some of these sealants also come with a wax to add gloss. If you’re shopping for a sealant, make sure to choose one that offers the best combination of protection and shine.

You can apply a paint protection sealant to almost any color. The more expensive sealants can remove swirls and small surface scratches, but you’ll need to check the ingredients to find one that suits your vehicle.


Whether you’re looking for a quick repair or an advanced paint job, you need to know how much it will cost to have your car’s paintwork corrected. This is an important factor because maintaining the paint on your vehicle is essential for its longevity and value. There are many different types of vehicles, and they all require a different type of paintwork.

The price of a paint correction service in Melbourne depends on several factors. These include the level of damage, the quality of the work performed, the amount of time it takes, and the type of car you have.

A single stage paint correction costs around $690. This includes a thorough hand wash and clay bar treatment. This type of service is suitable for cars with light swirl marks and scratches.

A more intensive paint correction will take a total of up to 50 hours to complete. The more serious the damage, the higher the price. This service is recommended for vehicles that have been neglected or are of a certain age.

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