Fuel economy has become a hot topic today because of rising prices and the need to reduce our carbon footprint. E Fuel Treatment There is an All-In-One solution now available to the general public which is proprietary and exclusive. FFX has been successfully sold and used globally. It is a complete fuel treatment. Just like the fuel tablets, it contains a fuel catalyst but it goes further than additives and carbon cleaning will do.

FFX also contains so much more for your engine. It contains detergents, demulsifiers, lubricants, stabilizers, polymerization retardants, and a rust & corrosion inhibitor and removes carbon deposits from your engine. In addition, up to 20% improved fuel economy and a reduction in emissions by 1/3, you will also notice prolonged engine life, increased horsepower and better performance. There is a Risk Free and a Money Back Guarantee. Because this product is a highly concentrated liquid, it cannot clog your injectors or have any adverse effects on your engine & will immediately treat your fuel during any season without the need of dissolution.

The formulation has been used individually and commercially with a 30+ year track record logging 2.5+ billion miles and works in any combustible engine, gas or diesel. Not only is it affordable! You can buy FFX for as little as $3.6 per 20 gallon treatment for individual use and around $0.03 per gallon treatment for commercial use. Extremely practical for all applications and comes in single use foil packets, 4oz bottles, 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon jugs, and 55 gallon drums Proper dosing, for every tank size.

With liquid you can measure the perfect amount of treatment for every tank size without ever wasting any product. So, if you are fed up with the cost of fuel, it’s important for you to make ongoing real savings. The advantages are obvious and, if it saves you money on fuel, then it’s clearly a good investment whether the price goes up or down.

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