Are You Planning to Ship Your Motorcycle to Different City or State?


Whether you are relocating, attending a motorcycle event in another state, or purchasing a motorcycle from another state, you will need a competent motorcycle delivery company to ensure your motorcycle arrives safely.

This article will give you an understanding of the numerous aspects to consider when arranging your motorcycle for transportation. You must prefer to select a certain reliable shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc. who is well-experienced in this line and also have networking with transporters throughout the country.

The following are few steps that you need to take for preparing your motor cycle for shipment.

1. Inflate the tires

When loading the bike for shipping, make sure both tires are adequately filled. The motorcycle could take a few days or sometimes even weeks to reach at its destination, and you do not want to be surprised with a flat tire.

2. Reduce fuel level

Before the motorcycle is lifted for shipping, it is always a very good idea to drain the petrol tank. The rationale for this is that the corporation may send it in wooden boxes or totally wrap it in rubber cover sheets. Even the tiniest petrol leak from the tank can result in a dangerous situation in transit.

3. Remove all your accessories

The reason you should remove the accessories is that most insurance policies do not cover these items. If these accessories are damaged, the chances are that you will not be able to file a claim for them.

4. Fold your mirrors

You must make sure to fold the rearview mirrors inside and tape the headlights also along with that. This will prevent scratches on certain surfaces.

5. Detach the battery

Detaching the battery is the most critical procedure in shipping preparation because the bike may take weeks to reach at its destination, and in case the battery is left unplugged, it may be entirely depleted by the time of arrival.

6. Document mechanical problems

Document any physical and mechanical concerns your motorbike may already have, just as you would any damage around the outside of the motorcycle. This relieves the carrier of some liability and safeguards you from any possible damage.

7. Report or resolve any leaks

Leaks should be notified to the mover ahead of time, as they may cause harm to your motorcycle and others in the containers if it is shared. All leaks must be repaired or reported so that the necessary safeguards can be taken.

8. Loose parts

Whether there are any unsecured parts that might fall off during shipment, ensure that they are securely fastened or removed if necessary. Parts like the exhaust and saddlebags, for example, should be securely attached to avoid unsecured parts being flung around during transport. Such loose parts are not the responsibility of movers.

Although motorcycle shipping insurance is not required, it is strongly advised. Getting freight insurance provides you piece of mind that the motorcycle is covered in the event of an accident, much like having auto insurance while on the road.

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