What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down Mid-Way?


There are times when your car breaks down suddenly. It may be due to your ignorance towards recurring problems, negligence towards caring for the car, or simply ill fate. The easiest way to get out of this is to call for a towing vehicle from Slide car Bang Bua Thong (รถสไลด์บางบัวทอง, which is the term in Thai) to carry your vehicle to the nearest service station.

You may be a mechanic and know how to repair the vehicle, but what if the problem is prominent and you don’t have the required tools and the spares? That’s why calling for a service like Slide car Bang Bua Thong is the best option in such situations.

The towing van may take some time to reach your spot. Till the towing van arrives, you can do some important things as follows:

Park Your Vehicle In A Safe Spot

Whenever your car breaks down suddenly in the middle of travel, ensure to move your vehicle to the extreme sideways of the road so that it doesn’t become a hurdle for other cars. It may lead to accidents if other vehicles are passing at excessive speeds.

Find a spot where the towing van can easily attach your car with them.

Turn Emergency Lights On

Always turn on the emergency lights, so drivers from other cars can notice them from a distance and drive at a distance from your spot. In addition, use the emergency triangle sign so that others get an idea about the problem, and it will help the towing van to identify your spot without much effort.

Open The Bonnet Cover!

Opening the bonnet cover will help to release the heat generated inside the engine. It will also send a signal to other road travellers about some problems with your vehicle.


A sudden breakdown of a car is an unwanted hurdle to your plans. All of your schedules may go haywire and only Slide car Bang Bua Thong can be of your help.

A towing van may immediately come to help you to get out of the mess and take the car to the nearest service station of your choice. Meanwhile, you must ensure that you move your motorcar to the best possible spot at the extreme side of the road, turn on the emergency lights, display the emergency triangle sign and open the bonnet cover.

It will help other travellers to identify your critical situation. It will also help the towing van identify your spot from a distance and find it easy to forklift your car.

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