Four Things You Should Double-Check Before Dropping Car Off At Service Center


Cars are a big part of our lives, therefore keeping them in good shape is essential. We had to take our cars to our trusted repair shop every few months. We all know that our expression at the automobile care center tells a lot about how pleased we are with the result when we pick up our sparkling four-wheeled companion for the day. However, you should double-check a few key details before leaving Slide car Khlong Toei (รถสไลด์ คลองเตย, which is the term in Thai).

In The End, You’ll Need To Make A Payment To The Auto Repair Shop.

When the technician or floor manager tells us our car is ready, we usually head straight toward the payment desk. Experts strongly advise against doing so. Even essential maintenance can be expensive. Therefore, the repair business should be compensated for a job well done. Don’t bring up the monetary aspect until you’re ready.

Try It Out First.

Taking your automobile for a bit of spin after some significant mechanical work has been done is the surest way to determine whether or not you’re happy with the results. After you pick up your automobile from the Slide car Khlong Toei, there is no point in going back to check on the unfinished work. As such, if the air conditioner is malfunctioning, you should let it run for a time to assess its performance. The same holds for other maintenance tasks, such as changing the clutch plates or brake pads.

The Part About Cleaning

A thorough exterior and interior cleaning are typically included in the labor costs at a service shop. Make sure you’ve washed your car recently; it’s due. Foam washing the exterior, polishing the body (including the tires), vacuuming the interior, polishing the interior, etc. Some employees at auto repair shops skip this step and leave polish residue on the dashboard. The polish will stick to your hands and clothes, making a huge mess.

Be Sure You Have The Basics.

The presence of all accessories is the final item on a checklist at the Slide car Khlong Toei. Verify the existence of the handbook if you believe you left it inside. You should also check your car’s battery and tires to ensure they are identical. Look in the trunk for a tool kit and a spare tire.

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